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Great material. Fit as expected.
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The filters are durable and unbleached. The only reason I'm giving the 4 stars is that they do still require a rinsing. Yes, some people will argue that they are tasteless, but when you pour hot water on them the very first time they give off a strong paper smell. This is lessened significantly after a single hot water rinse. I believe it impacts the flavor of the coffee when brewing milder concentrations, which is what I do. Some people have said you can reuse them, which I have not tried but would like to. Beware that if you're brewing much more than a liter you will probably need to go up a size. I use these to make 800ml and that's about 2/3 full. A full one will probably make 1.2 liters but any more and you should get a bigger cone. Recommend rinsing with boiling water from the kettle just prior to adding the coffee in for maximum effect.
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